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Hubb: Product Launch Awareness Campaign

Opportunity | Hubb was launching a new product but they had limited budget for a big promotion. In order to create a digital campaign of emails, blogs and video, they quickly needed talent and support to augment their in-house marketing department. Process | Within...

Segra: Telecom Merger of Equals

Opportunity | Lumos Networks and Spirit Communications were combining to create one of the largest telecom infrastructure companies in the Eastern U.S. It required bringing together distinct cultures, brands, employees and customers. Process | Working closely with...

Act 1 Partners Segra Merger

Segra: Brand Launch Experience

Opportunity | Bring all employees together to meet new coworkers, reveal the company’s new name and brand and celebrate the launch of a new company. Process | Act 1 Partners stepped in with concept ideas, planning and onsite management. We then staged the event and...

Act 1 Partners Brand Launch Event Photo

Workplace Branding

Opportunity | Segra's new headquarters was being designed and management wanted the company culture and brand reflected in the new workplace. Process | Act 1 Partners facilitated a series of workshops with management, frontline employees, the architecture firm and...

Act 1 Partners Segra Interior Monitor Screen

Bringing Company Values to Life

Opportunity | When Lumos Networks and Spirit Communications integrated as a single company, it was important to establish a common set of company values. Process | After eight company values were determined through workshops and interviews, they then needed to be...

Act 1 Partners Branding Segra Choose to Win

Phylos: Product Development and Launch

Opportunity | Product upgrade that included new processes and updated branding was needed to meet seasonal deadline. If the product shipped late it would mean millions in lost revenue. Process | Marketing and product teams met daily with Act 1 Partners for eight...

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“Our partnership and engagement with Act 1 was instrumental in bringing together the teams of both companies and was a boost to our integration resulting in a terrific and unifying new name and helping to establish our brand promise for years to come.”
Tim Biltz

CEO, Segra

“The branding workshop with Act 1 Partners was one of the best experiences of my career.”

N. Price

Director of Customer Operations, Spirit Communications

“During a critical time in our company’s growth, their marketing insight and leadership helped us assemble a marketing team, implement a new brand and launch a new product. They set us up for success.”

R. Risch

CEO, Phylos

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